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Amazon Web Services

Cloud Infrastructure


AWS is the most popular and most widely used cloud platform in the world. This course will teach you the core skills needed to be a successful Cloud professional. It will cover design principles, including strategies for Compute, networking, storage, DNS, Database, Monitoring, Load Balancing and much more.

You’ll complete labs in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment, building the capabilities of a cloud computing professional, preparing you to earn AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification, and, in turn, accelerating your career development.

Cloud computing is one of the most in-demand careers right now. There’s never been a better time to start your cloud computing career journey.

By the end of this course, you will have the skills, knowledge and experience needed to securely design highly available and scalable systems, and you’ll also be highly prepared for the AWS Certified cloud practitioner certification exam.


Version Control System (VCS)


This course will teach you the fundamentals of version control systems (VCS), using Git and Github. You will go from zero to hero with our step by step labs and easy to learn real life examples.

You will learn the key concepts of Git, create and fork repositories on GitHub, use git command, branching and merging etc.

This course is designed to be a comprehensive approach to Git, which means no prior knowledge or experience is required,  but students will emerge at the end with a very solid understanding and hands-on experience with Git and related source control concepts.


Infrastructure As Code (IAC)

Terraform & Cloudformation

Learn how to automate infrastructure using both Terraform and Cloudformation. From installation and setup, to automating your entire infrastructure in AWS.

This course is heavily hands on with lots of codes from automating the provisioning of a simple infrastructure in AWS  to setting up a production ready highly available infrastructure.


CI CD Pipeline

Jenkins Automation Server

This course, will teach you Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment using Jenkins.  Jenkins is a powerful automation server and an critical tool in DevOps.

You will learn how to build strong automated process and complete  CICD Pipelines.

You will get hands on experience with Jenkins integration with AWS,  Git,  Maven, Ansible, Docker etc.


Configuration Management


Ansible is a powerful configuration management tool. This course introduces basic fundamentals of Ansible with easy to do hands-on exercises that will teach you the core skills in Ansible. It will teach you the basic use cases of Ansible, Ansible Inventory, Playbooks, Modules, Variables, Conditionals, Loops and Roles.  You will get hands on coding exercises giving you a hands-on experience in developing Ansible Playbooks.

Container Orchestration

Containers & Containers Orchestration

Docker, Kubernetes & Microservices

 Containers are a whole new way of developing and delivering applications and IT infrastructure. This course will teach you how to build, test, deploy containers using Docker.

Docker is an open platform that lets you package, develop, run, and ship applications in environments called containers.

It will cover Docker and containers, container registries, container orchestration using Kubernetes.

You will have hands on experience, designing and deploying prod ready Kubernetes cluster. deploying microservices into containers

No previous knowledge of Docker or Containers is required as we will teach you from the basics.



Nagios, Prometheus & Grafana

Prometheus is the leading open-source monitoring system that collect metrics from all your systems, including Linux servers, Windows Servers, Database Servers and any running  application. It use a time-series data as a datasource, to then send alerts based on this data.

You will learn how to install, configure and setup alerting in prometheus,  Visualize your data in Grafana,

Monitor a live Kubernetes cluster using Prometheus and visualizing your data in Grafana, 

What Our Students Have to Say

The program adequately prepare you not only with the technical skill required to get a job, but also with the sof skills needed to be successful in the work place. To me, that's very encouraging and i think it will be rare to find anywhere else.
Ground Group Growth Hands
Dublin, Ireland
I'v great expectation to become a skilled DevOps Engineer at the end of this training, and i know MotivaLogic Academy has the capacity and capability to deliver to me what i need to land my dream job
Ground Group Growth Hands
Dublin, Ireland
The interest to develop the students and the passion to deliver the best for people that are ready to learn is unparrallel in MotivaLogic. The program focuses on creating the interest of Clod computing and DevOps technologies in the students
Ground Group Growth Hands
Dublin, Ireland
I come from a non IT background with very little knowledge of IT. Since i started at MotivaLogic, i now have a good understanding of cloud computing, especially working with the Core AWs Services. The lecture contents and the delivery method are simple to understand. It's a challenging but very exciting and rewarding experience.
Ground Group Growth Hands
Dublin, Ireland