6 Months Cloud DevOps Accelerated Training

Training will equip you for a career in DevOps, a rapidly developing industry that connects software developers and operations.

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Next Training Batch Is 3rd June 2023

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It’s my first job in DevOps career. Literally, I didn’t know anything about DevOps 6 months back and now I am able to get this job with all the support from Motivalogic, I got 2 different offers and with the career support from Motivalogic Academy, made a choice and decline the other.
London, UK
I was impressed right from the beginning to see that the training included both hands on training and work placement. The tech stack were some of the most popular tools in the industry and we worked in a real agile environment. I went from Zero knowledge to something that would be very acceptable in industry and all within a very short time span. This gave me a massive confidence boost. In less than 6 months, had my first interview with a company followed by a 2nd interview and within 2 weeks I was offered a role as a Cloud Engineer in an expanding consultancy.
London, UK
I had great expectation to become a skilled DevOps Engineer when i joined the program. Motivalogic Academy did help make my dream come true. With Motivalogic Academy, you will develop your tech skill set and speed up your career advancement. Course structure, course content and delivery is top notch. The value gained far outweigh its financial cost. With Dedication and determination, your IT career and skill set is guaranteed with Motivalogic.
Dublin, Ireland
The interest to develop the students and the passion to deliver the best for people that are ready to learn is unparalleled in MotivaLogic. The program focuses on creating the interest of Clod computing and DevOps technologies in the students
Dublin, Ireland
The program adequately prepare you not only with the technical skill required to get a job, but also with the soft skills needed to be successful in the work place. To me, that's very encouraging and i think it will be rare to find anywhere else.
Dublin, Ireland
I come from a non IT background with very little knowledge of IT. Since i started at MotivaLogic, i now have a good understanding of cloud computing, especially working with the Core AWS Services. The lecture contents and the delivery method are simple to understand. It's a challenging but very exciting and rewarding experience.
Dublin, Ireland
6 Months Cloud DevOps Accelerated Training
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