DevOps Certification Course

6 Months Cloud DevOps Certification Training US

Training will equip you for a career in DevOps, a rapidly developing industry that connects software developers and operations.

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What you'll learn

Course Features:

US DevOps Certification

Begin Your Transformative DevOp Journey with an Intensive US DevOps Certification Course

MotivaLogic brings you professional US DevOps Certification courses that aim to provide quality training for everyone—from individual learners seeking personal growth to professionals looking to advance their careers. We are rapidly growing Edtech boot camp like no other. We emphasize onproviding job-ready skills to our students with guaranteed work experience helping you to gain the required skills and experience to land your dream job.

Our programme goes beyond the theoretical and dives deep into the practical aspects of the software development life cycle, providing you with invaluable real-world insights into its various phases.

Whether you’re a beginner with no prior IT background or an experienced professional looking to upskill, our course is meticulously structured to meet your needs. We seamlessly integrate hands-on experience with essential DevOps tools within the toolkit, fostering a holistic understanding of the cultural nuances of software development.

Tools and Technologies Covered

Upon completing the course, you’ll emerge as a specialist in continuous deployment and delivery, configuration management automation, inter-team communication, and IT service agility. Our course covers the following DevOps technologies, including: 

  • Build Automation (Maven)
  • Code Analysis (SonarQube)
  • Source Control (Git)
  • Continuous Integration (Jenkins)
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform)
  • Configuration Management (Ansible)
  • Containerisation (Docker)
  • Orchestration (Kubernetes)
  • Continuous Testing (JUnit and Selenium)
  • Continuous Monitoring (NewRelic, Prometheus, and Grafana)
  • Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills demanded by the industry 

Course Features and Benefits

Intensive Online Lecture

We conduct intensive online lecturesprepared and delivered by our seasoned and passionate trainers that can be easily taken by students from the comfort of their home or office. 

Hands-on Labs

Our well-designed hands-on labs are a significant part of our curriculum. We emphasise practical learning to provide you with hands-on industry experience. 

CV and LinkedIn profile review

We not only offer a course but go beyond it in your career journey. Our team also provides CV and LinkedIn reviews to the students and gives them intelligent tips on how to rank higher on LinkedIn and increase their profile’s visibility.

Interview Coaching

Whether it’s your first job interview or you are an experienced job seeker who still wants a competitive edge, our one-to-one interview coaching with industry experts will help give you that winning edge in the competition.

If you are looking to excel in US DevOps Certification, join our course, learn online at your own pace, and take the first step towards a successful career.

6 Months Cloud DevOps Accelerated Training
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