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Scrum Product Owner Boot Camp

Develop the knowledge of how to maintain and manage a responsive product backlog and have a product vision. 

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It’s my first job in DevOps career. Literally, I didn’t know anything about DevOps 6 months back and now I am able to get this job with all the support from Motivalogic, I got 2 different offers and with the career support from Motivalogic Academy, made a choice and decline the other.
Ground Group Growth Hands
London, UK
I was impressed right from the beginning to see that the training included both hands on training and work placement. The tech stack were some of the most popular tools in the industry and we worked in a real agile environment. I went from Zero knowledge to something that would be very acceptable in industry and all within a very short time span. This gave me a massive confidence boost. In less than 6 months, had my first interview with a company followed by a 2nd interview and within 2 weeks I was offered a role as a Cloud Engineer in an expanding consultancy.
Ground Group Growth Hands
London, UK
Motivalogic took me in even as I had no IT background and no Idea of what DevOps and Cloud tech was all about. I was thought and trained up to a professional level within a space of 6 months. This was only possible because of the course content and lecture structure. Work experience level was super exciting as I was exposed to real life challenges. Now I have worked with two Giant FinTech companies as DevOps Engineer
Ground Group Growth Hands
Dublin, Ireland
After attending several trainings and bootcamps without success, I only needed one hr of introductory session with Motivalogic for me to realise that this is where I should have been. After 4 months in the training, I was able to secure a DevOps role. Well done to all the trainers and team leaders. The best training you can find anywhere
Ground Group Growth Hands
London, UK
Having no prior DevOps experience and coming from an entirely different background, this course was especially helpful and the teachers are very knowledgeable. I'm at the four months mark and I can hold the conversation with people in this field with a lot of experience and they get surprised of how much i have learned in such a small amount of time. Special thanks to Akinola for his help and mentorship. I'm happy to get on this train before this field becomes too saturated. The course is very affordable and the knowledge taught is immense. Highly recommend it.
Ground Group Growth Hands
Melbourne, Australia
Motivalogic Academy would give you the necessary hands-on training needed to excel in your career. Apart from the practical knowledge acquired during the program. There is also a great sense of community among students and it has a robust support system. I highly recommend it to everyone
Ground Group Growth Hands
Dublin, Ireland
3 Months Scrum Product Owner Boot Camp
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